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Our History

BKC Consulting was established in London in 2020.

BKC Consulting

BKC Consulting was established in London in 2020. Although it is a new company in the UK, our management team has been workingn as a consultant in the Usa, European union countries, Africa and Middle east for more than 20 years.

BKC offers unlimited services to its clients , especially with its existing knowledge and customer experience in recycling.

Mission & Vision

To be a company that learns, constantly renews and realizes firsts, within the framework of the trust we have established with our solution and solution partners.

By closely following the needs of our customers with our development-oriented management, gathering information in the best way, making decisions on the information collected by improving in-house coordination and communication, and providing the highest benefit by sharing the information and effective communication with our customers we serve in this direction


BKC Consulting understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities successfully in a global economy.

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